10 Reasons to Smile

    c.28 smiles are contagiousHere are ten reasons to smile more often.
    1. Smiling makes you feel better.
    2. A smile puts others at ease.
    3. A smile can change your mood.
    4. Smiles spread good cheer.
    5. Smiles make it easier to laugh.
    6. Smiles help you de-stress.
    7. A smile makes you more attractive.
    8. Smiles make others more inclined to help you.
    9. By smiling, your interactions with others are more pleasant.
    10. Smiling makes it near impossible to pitch a hissy fit.

    Here are two bonus reasons for smiling:
    1. Smiles will bring out any dimples you might have.
    2. Smiling encourages the twinkle in your eye.

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