17 Ways to Keep Sane

    d.202 being silly

    To help further the cause of your sanity, here are 17 ways to be silly.

    1. Skip.

    2. Splash in a puddle.

    3. Doodle.

    4. Talk with an accent.

    5. Make faces.

    6. Sing the A-B-C song backwards.

    7. Dance on a tree stump.

    8. Sing instead of talking.

    9. Mimic the actions of others without getting caught.

    10. Go through all the tongue twisters you know, really fast.

    11. Press hard on your eye socket with the palm of your hands & watch the pretty colors.

    12. Look at something with one eye closed. Switch eyes. Keep switching. Once you’ve got a rhythm going, keep at it while moving your head from side-to-side, then top-to-bottom.

    13. See how long you can keep making a low buzzing sound without taking a breath.

    14. Make up your own commercial jingle.

    15. Make up a word, use it in conversation, and see if anyone notices.

    16. Walk backwards.

    17. Blow raspberries.

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