A Truly Magnificent and Wonderful Day

    a.43.bottle.lamp.boxHave you ever had a special day so truly magnificent and wonderful you wanted to save it forever?

    Maybe you’d put it in a bottle. Whenever you wanted, you would uncork the bottle and watch all the day’s wonderfulness fizz out, overflowing like champagne.

    Perhaps you’d save it in a lamp similar to Aladden’s. Rub your lamp and poof, there’s your amazing day.

    Or it could be you’d place it in a box, and tie a beautiful bow on it. You’d have an extraordinary present waiting for you, to be opened and reopend any time you wanted.

    You may think it was the event itself you want to keep, but it’s really the feelings it evoked. Those feelings are what you want to relive again and again. That wonderful sense of aliveness, rightness, and all is well with you and the world-ness.

    How you reached that feeling is secondary. It could have been:

    *You did something special with your special someone.

    *You revelled in the joy of watching toddlers, puppies, and kittens play together.

    *You communed with Mother Nature.

    *You fell in love

    *Or, perhaps the sense of wonderfulness simply came upon you.

    Even though that special day, with its delightful feelings isn’t in a bottle, lamp, or box, at this very moment, right now, give yourself permission to feel those joyful feelings. Feel that sense of aliveness, rightness, and all is well with you and the world-ness.

    Feel it. Embrace it. Claim it. Invite it to spend the day with you. Here’s wishing you an absolutely wonderful, terrific, and marvelous day!

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