A Family Meal

    d.53 family mealGive yourself a present, spend time with the ones you love, be they family or friends. Plan to have a meal — one meal — together this weekend, be it Friday night, Saturday or Sunday. The meal can be dinner, breakfast, brunch, or lunch, whatever fits best with your group and your schedules.

    The rules are simple. You must sit down together, inside or out, at someone’s home (no restaurants), at a table that is nicely set with non-disposable plates, glasses, and cutlery. Of extreme import is all techno devices will be off. If you still have a land-line and it rings during the meal, you will let it roll over to voicemail or the answering machine (which you’ve muted).

    After all, who in this world is more special than those you love? You’re not only reminding yourself of that by making the time to be together, but you’re acting on it. So be together. Eat, talk, catch up on one another’s lives, maybe even go all out and share some dreams or ideas you have about things you’d like to do or places you’d like to go.

    As for the meal itself, do what feels good for you and yours.

    If you’re like Auntie Boobie who says, “If it’s edible I’m there; if it’s quick and easy I’m happy,” then your meal will be simple. It could be you buy everything pre-made and present it nicely at the table.

    If you’re like Nana Tush who believes “The more time and effort I put into a meal, the more I honor my guests,” you and yours will put together a more elaborate meal.

    If you’re somewhere between the two, great!

    This is to be enjoyable for all. It’s also a reminder to occasionally step back from the constant hustle and bustle of day-to-day busyness to focus on what’s really important — being with those you love. Breaking bread together is a wonderful way to do just that.

    Bon Appetite.

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