A First Aid Kit for the Soul

    a.52 1st aid kitAs you travel along Life’s highways and by-ways, you’ll quickly discover Life hiccups. Knowing that will eventually happen, it is a good idea to be prepared with a first aid kit for your soul.

    A few basics to include are:

    *An eraser, so you can make your mistakes disappear.

    *A penny, so you’re never broke.

    *Marbles, in case you lose yours.

    *A match, since no amount of darkness can extinguish the light of a single flame.

    *A rubber band, to stretch yourself beyond your limits.

    *A fresh piece of elastic, in case you snap.

    *A string, to tie things together when everything falls apart.

    *A key, to unlock hidden treasures.

    *A tea bag, as a cup of tea will soothe your spirit.

    *A bandage, for Life’s little hurts.

    Finally, for those who can eat chocolate, a kiss.

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