A Secret to Walking More

    a.55 secret to walking more

    Walking is an easy and simple way to get you moving.

    *It’s safe.

    *It’s simple.

    *It’s easily available.

    *No gym fee is required.

    *It can be done most any time.

    *No special equipment is necessary. (While it is nice to wear designed for walking, you can walk barefoot, in heels, clogs, boots, or even flip-flops.)

    When you walk slowly ‑‑ moseying and meandering ‑‑ your body gets movement and your mind has a chance to move at its leisure.

    When you pick up the pace ‑‑ to brisk walking or power walking ‑‑ you:

    *get your heart pumping,

    *increase your oxygen flow,

    *lower your bad cholesterol,

    *raise your good cholesterol,

    *make for happy bone density, and

    *help your mood.

    Even if you can’t imagine fitting one more think into your schedule, there is one simple secret to getting in a bit of extra walking every day.

    Rather than look for the closest parking spot, pick the furthest.

    If you are in walking distance, walk to work, the store, or your friend’s house.

    If you need to drive, park as far from your destination as you can: a few blocks away, the other side of the block, even the furthest spot in the parking lot.

    If you are directionally challenged, get in the habit of parking along the perimeter. That way in addition to walking a little further to your destination, when you can’t remember where you parked, you get the extra perk of walking the perimeter in search of your car.

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