A Simple Tool to Keep You Happy

    a.25d open book.happy bookMake yourself a Happy Book. It’s easy to do, easy to transport, requires no batteries, does not need to be charged, and will be available during power outages.

    To make, find images which make you happy: doodles, bubble gum cards, notes from friends, silly pictures from magazines, etc. If you see it, it makes you happy and you may have the image, take it.

    Put your images into a notebook, three-ring binder, or something similar. The sole criterion for picking an image is when looking at it, you feel happy. You’ll find yourself smiling and feeling animated, excited, and eager. (Updating and swapping images regularly keeps them fresh and exciting.)

    Keep your Happy Book handy. Anytime you need a quick pick-me-up, grab it. Great when:

    *standing in line,
    *riding elevators,
    *having one-of-those-days,
    *waiting for an appointment, and
    *even at the office. (Happy Books are discrete, fit in nicely with most office decor, and offer a quick pick-me-up when you find yourself in a slump.)

    Even if you have a techno version, why limit yourself? When it comes to putting yourself in a good space — and keeping yourself in a good frame of mind — the more tools you have at your disposal to keep you grounded, centered, and happy, the better.


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