About Me

I work full-time at a job I am looking forward to leaving behind so I can devote my time to writing, doodling, and encouraging others in pursuit of their dreams.

I am a single parent who home educated my child, encouraged her to travel the world at a young age, and obtained my Associate’s degree more than thirty years after graduating high school.

I have a love/hate relationship with modern technology of the computer/techno sort in that I love to hate it. However, since it is here to stay, and I am of the practical sort, I do what I can with it. (Thank you all who post videos and tutorials on-line!)

I am very fond of salty, crunchy, greasy and believe ice cream (with a minimum 17% fat content) should be one of the essential food groups.

I love the sound of the ocean crashing during a storm, pool balls knocking, and the sultry sound of a saxophone.

I think two of the greatest smells on earth are burnt cinnamon toast and coffee.

I am a reformed stick-in-the-mud learning to lighten up and enjoy life’s good things and little happies.

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