Adventures with Hair

    a.91 Adventures w.Hair cmpl8nMany do not seem content with the distribution of the hair on their body.

    Even when they can otherwise grow a full head of hair, many men choose to shave their heads. (Some women as well.)

    Many of the men with bald spots on their head, grow what hair they have to great lengths. They either comb it over the bald spot, braid it, or tie it in a pony tail as it drapes down their back.

    Many women with curly hair invest in straighteners — both chemical and mechanical — while those with straight hair invest in chemicals and mechanical devices to obtain curls.

    In many countries women shaving under their arms and legs has been considered a staple of grooming for many years.

    I’ve heard it said professional bicyclists shave their legs and arms (something about lowering wind resistance), while there are men who shave their backs.

    I was recently informed both men and women shave in certain private parts of their bodies, though there are those with higher thresholds of pain who go the wax route (mostly women). As for electrolysis, it remains mostly women who partake, but definitely more men than who wax.)

    Then there are the men who are okay with the bald spots on their heads and have no need to grow out what’s left, but then choose to decorate their faces with hair, be it with moustaches, beards, sideburns, or goatees.

    And while much effort is expended in removing hair, or changing its form, aside from attempts to plant hair on the top of their head, so far as I know, there isn’t a great call to have hair implanted on other parts of one’s body … at least not yet.

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