c.38. batting

    If you don’t ask, the answer is a definite “no.” If you do ask, the answer could be “no,” then again, it could be “yes.”

    Since it doesn’t hurt to ask, why are many reluctant to do so? It boils down to fear.

    *Fear of the “no.”
    *Fear of rejection.
    *Fear of being proven right as to being unworthy.

    Aside from those rare life-threatening moments which are the exception to the rule, fear is simply false evidence appearing real.

    Turns out not one of the all-time greatest hitters in baseball ever made it over .450. That means more-often-than-not, they missed. Missing is a nice way of saying they failed. Yet every time the batter stepped up to the base, with bat in hand, intending to swing his stick at a fast moving round object, connect with said object, and run around designated bases while others chased the ball, he faced that very same “could be no/could be yes” possibility.

    Simply by standing at the plate, the batter ruled out the definite “no.”

    Each time he swung the bat he risked a possible “no.”

    But it was the possibility of the “could be ‘yes'” that kept him swinging, again and again.

    It was by going through all those noes, he amassed enough of those yeses to make it into the record books, be inducted into the Hall of Fame, and if recent, probably acquire a lucrative endorsement deal — even though he missed more often-than-not.

    There is an adage something along the lines of “ask and you shall receive.” That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get what you want. It means if you don’t ask, you definitely will not get what you want.

    My extremely unscientific observation is that most people are willing to help, you only need to ask. So really, what have you to lose? Ask. The worst that will happen is you’ll be told “no.” But know the yeses are out there. You just need to keep asking until you connect with them. Rather like a bat connecting with a speeding ball.

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