Asking For Help

    They lived to tell the tale, good news. Everything they owned went up in flames, bad news. Here’s hoping you can help my daughter’s friend and his family.

    Meet D’Andre. He’s a twenty-something man who lives with — and helps support — both his single mother and younger sister. When asked what it was about this young man that inspired my daughter to set up a GoFundMe account on behalf of her co-worker, she explained why she finds him an amazing person.

    D’Andre lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. He met my daughter once in the company’s Southern California venue when he was asked to fill in for a week as they were shorthanded. A few months later, when my daughter wound up relocating to the Bay Area and found herself with no one to help her off load at two in the morning (scheduled help hadn’t arrived), D’Andre didn’t hesitate and immediately came to her aid. Mind you, they’d only met once at this point.

    On the night of the fire (May 27), D’Andre was again out aiding a friend by leaving his home in the middle of the night. And while D’Andre’s intentions were to help a friend in need, it turns out The Big Guy Upstairs, The Universe, G-d, or whomever or whatever you believe is a “Higher Power” had his back. Because D’Andre was elsewhere, the electrical fire which started in the wall next to his bed and spread in 1 minute and 45 seconds (according to the police department) that would have killed him, didn’t. His sister and mother got out of the apartment safely, but they have nothing except for the clothes they were wearing.

    So, if you can contribute to the GoFundMe account ( set up on their behalf, that would be terrific, wonderful and marvelous. If you are not able to do so, please help spread the word as that too would be terrific, wonderful and marvelous. Together let us help this young man — a man with a beautiful heart who never hesitates to help others — and his family rebuild their lives.

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