Be True to Yourself

    a.79 be true to yourself.jpgWhen you do right by yourself you’ll have a feeling of peace. Also, a sense of “rightness” will envelope you.

    I was inspired to begin this blog after a chance encounter with an acquaintance.

    Widowed with three children after her husband lost his two-year battle with cancer and her youngest not yet in high school, she was upbeat, positive, and looking toward the future. She was sad at the loss of her husband and her children’s father, yet she took comfort in his release from pain. She felt his absence keenly, yet she was grateful for the loving support she and her children received from friends, family, and the community.

    As I learned from that chance encounter, while words can be encouraging, encouragement is more than words. Encouragement is also living your life and comporting yourself in a manner you see fit. By remaining true to yourself, others can be inspired.

    For me, the inspiration came in the form of a thought. “If she can be this upbeat and positive after losing her husband before he turned 50, I can start a blog.” Now, 63 posts later, I realize as much as I love the doodles and enjoy posting, there are other projects to focus on.

    Being true to yourself means listening to your Little Voice and being willing to change direction completely or implement modifications. In my case, this means I will now be posting three times a week, giving myself the option of a fourth, if so inclined.

    Living your life based on the blueprint of another is not being true to yourself. There are similarities and common themes amongst blueprints, however there is just one that is uniquely yours. It is as unique and individual as your fingerprint, DNA, and spirit.

    If your goal is to lead a life which has meaning to you, then you need to be true to yourself. So give yourself permission to listen to your Little Voice. Let yourself be willing to change, modify, and try new things. Follow the blueprint that is uniquely yours.

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