Have a Wonderful Week

*smiles as she wishes you a wonderful week*View full post »


Silence is Golden?

Is it true that Silence is golden? Does it matter?View full post »


Thanksgiving 2014

This year I thought it’d be fun to write something witty, wise and/or profound in honor of Thanksgiving. SomethingView full post »


The Cool Thing About SNOG Eradication

The cool thing about SNOG eradication is the more you eradicate — getting rid of all those “Shouldas,”View full post »


Just Cuz You Couldn’t, Doesn’t Mean You Can’t

Working through your fear, particularly that which is SNOG-induced (or the product of an active imagination) is likeView full post »


See the World Through Your Heart’s Eyes

When you see the world through your heart’s eyes, …View full post »


It’s Okay to Get Rid of What Doesn’t Work or Fit

This week, two persons I care about lost a person they care about. The first, her father (though her mother has beenView full post »


During Transition The Road Markers Disappear

So there you were, minding your own business when one day you got this brilliant idea … rid yourself of thoseView full post »


A Story ~ The Keeper of the Forest’s Secrets

Once upon a time, a woman (of the many-moons-and-seasons-though-still-a-long-way-from-one-foot-in-the-grave ilk)View full post »


More Happiness

In light of my recent techno-misadventures, I’ve decided to eschew technology (okay, computers) for a bit. LuckilyView full post »


Technology … Good?

Can there be good in technology? For all my hollering & yelling, ranting & raving, and cussing like a sailor (View full post »