What Does a Woman Want to Hear?

Really, what is the ultimate compliment for a woman?View full post »


Take Life for a Joy Ride

There is definitely something to be said for increasing the amount of joy in your life.View full post »


Good Things and Little Happies

While so much is in the details, there’s also much in the small things.View full post »


Different Can Be Good

Some march to the tune of their own drummer. Others dance to their own symphony. Still others hear music in the silenceView full post »


Rainbow Tears

Salty they may be, tears can still bring rainbows.View full post »


Dancing in the Rain

Umbrella? Check. Raincoat? Check. Dancing shoes? Check. Say what?View full post »


Sometimes You Need to Let Go

When all is said and done, sometimes in the end, you simply need to let it go.View full post »


Explaining Social Media

Just like having the right tool makes a job go smoother and yields a better product, so does understanding how to mixView full post »


Why Get a Cat?

Thinking about getting a cat? Not sure if you should? A Google search “Why Get a Cat?” will yield over aView full post »


Steal Like an Artist and Channel Your Heroes

When you unshackle the yoke of “true originality,” you’re no longer bound by the “gotta-make-View full post »


Cinco de Mayo, The Flag, and Freedom of Speech

Because of the First Amendment “Right” of Free Speech, “[T]he fact that society may find speechView full post »


Ten Reasons Sleep is Good for You

Life in the Fast Lane. You expect the Zipping and Zooming. Turns out in 2014, Life in the Slow Lane moves at a prettyView full post »


More Than a Doodle

This is an evolutionary tale of how a doodle could find a place in the business world.View full post »


Valentine’s Day Winter Olympics

FACTS AND EDUCATED GUESSES Ancient Olympics *A means of honoring Zeus. *Used to showcase physical prowess and mentalView full post »


How to Doodle, Freehand

The Question “How do you Doodle?” That’s been a difficult question to answer because Doodling isView full post »


30-Day Challenge Celebration

Today I celebrate the completion of my first 30-Day Doodle Challenge. The challenge entailed selecting Avatars toView full post »


30-Day Challenge, Day 30

The wire and I are up close and personal on Day 30 of the 30-Day Doodle Challenge. Thirty days ago I posted my firstView full post »


30-Day Challenge, Day 29

Definitely down to the wire with the 30-Day Doodle Challenge. Today is Day 29 in which I am formally doodling selectedView full post »

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