Daily Gifts, Week Three

Woo-hoo! I’m officially passed the half-way point on my 30-day Marcus Aurelius inspired quest. This is way upView full post »


Daily Gifts, Week Two

Upon embarking on this Marcus Aurelius inspired quest to see what gifts each day bestowed, I had no idea what to expectView full post »


Daily Gifts, Week One

Last week’s post, inspired by Marcus Aurelius’ quote, “Each day provides its own gift” said inView full post »


Daily Gifts

Each day provides its own gifts. ~ Marcus Aurelius It is up to us to accept such gifts graciously. On those days itView full post »


Misplaced Priorities

Is it possible worry is the result of a misplaced (or skewed) priority system? Back when I wrote the post Worrier’View full post »


What Would Someone Who Liked Themself Do?

Agreed, “Do as if and it will be” doesn’t apply to every situation. If you’re 70-year old, noView full post »


Doodle-Togs II

Wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m addicted to doodle-togging (adding doodles to photographs), since I haveView full post »


Can You Be Rich Without Money?

Is it possible to be rich with little or no money? Years ago I worked with an amazing woman, Kristi. From comments sheView full post »


Is My Blog a Failure?

For years I’d jokingly laughed about how much better things are according to “Tana’s World.”View full post »


Goals, Systems, Processes and Products

James Clear wrote in his article “Forget About Setting Goals, Try This Instead,” “If you’re aView full post »


Selective Grieving

Amara’s disappearance along with the loss of her presence have given me much to think about. It’s taken catView full post »


Cat Jumped Ship

It was a sad day for me when my cat Amara decided to jump ship. Had she needed to be put down because she was dying aView full post »


Three Rules of Sailing

The Three Rules of Sailing are very simple …View full post »


I Am A Woman

I am a woman. I have the battle scars — okay, stretch marks (and stitches) — to prove it. (After all,View full post »


Life is Messy

“I like messy. What fun is tidy?” Dasha Zhukova “Emotion is messy, contradictory … and true.&#View full post »


Friends for a Reason, Season or Life Revisited

A couple years ago I wrote about Friends for a Reason, Season or Life. I was recently reminded of this … in aView full post »


The Power To Pick And Choose

“We do have the power to pick and choose, moment by moment, who and how we want to be in the world.” ~ JillView full post »


Uses for Binder Clips

I love binder clips! Okay, I really love the Love of My Life, but let me tell you binder clips are an integral part ofView full post »