Smart-Phone Revisited

It’s been a few months since my flip-phone was laid to rest. And while I wouldn’t go so far as to say theView full post »



Realizing the only thing crazier than “hearing” the demand “Doodle me! Doodle me!” from uploadedView full post »


Three Poems, What They Taught Me

The definition of an “artist” (as once conveyed by a co-worker) is a person able to evoke emotion throughView full post »


Closet Romance Novel Reader

Not only did it take me a long time to admit I actually read romance novels, it took me a long time before I’dView full post »


Coming to Terms with Imperfection

Intellectually I understand (and even accept) that part and parcel of being human is having F-I-Qs (foibles, “ismsView full post »


He Ain’t Perfect

The instant I notice myself slipping down the road of grumbling and fussing over some inane or innocuous something-or-View full post »


Photographic Moments

Sorting through photographs I’ve taken, it struck me that regardless of where I am, I manage to find somethingView full post »


Screw What Others Think

What a sight it was. A hard scrabbled woman, could have been anywhere between 35-65 years, about 5’5″,View full post »


A Cautionary Tale

Sal is a man whose dream for decades has been sailing from the United States to the Dominican Republic. It is more thanView full post »


Self-Reflective Questions to Ponder

Some time back, I put together a let-me-get-to-know-you-and-understand-your-needs-better questionnaire to helpView full post »


Island Time

Caribbean Credo: Maná means not today. Since it’s not today, that could just as easily mean tomorrow, next weekView full post »


Ready. Set. Play!

One of the many avenues creativity presents itself in my good friend Robin J. Smith, is through her writing. Lately sheView full post »


Goodbye Flip Phone, Hello Android

According to the Love of My Life, April 25, 2016 was a red letter day. As I sat and typed this post, the LoML (who isView full post »


How to Climb a Mountain

Stand at the bottom of a mountain, look up and what’s the typical reaction? “No effing way am I going toView full post »


Experimentation and Faith

The Love of My Life has some interesting belief systems. Among them is that much of what we do in life isView full post »


An Ethical Dilemma

Ethical Dilemma: At what cost do you maintain your commitment, stand by the power of your word? Do you channel yourView full post »


Why Can’t Women Accept a Compliment?

Turns out most women cannot gracefully accept compliments, regardless of her accomplishments! The question is, Why? WhyView full post »


Bring on the Wonder

Heard Susan Enan’s song Bring on the Wonder today. Was moved enough to track down its lyrics. I can’t seeView full post »