Three More Quotes

When searching for the essence of any matter one is pondering, quotes can be helpful for mulling purposes … atView full post »


Tale of Making a “Pot”

I do one thing at a time, I do it very well, and then I move on. ~ Charles Emerson Winchester, III (M*A*S*H) Since myView full post »


Freedom in Choice

Among my collection of SNOGs (shouldas/need-tos/oughtas/gottas) is “When you start something, you need to stickView full post »


Encouraging Quotes

“A fine quotation is a diamond in the hand of a man of wit and a …”View full post »


Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things

Yes, I have been intrigued by the whole minimalism/enoughism/clutter-clearingism ideas for years. No, you’d everView full post »


Happiness is … No Alarm Clock

Here’s a “Happiness is …” to brighten your day. *smiles*View full post »


From Here to There

Am soliciting input/feedback regarding a writing/doodling project I’d started some time back and recently happenedView full post »


Cocoons, Eggs and Ships in Harbors

After doodling the above, a bizarre question popped into my head. “What do cocoons, eggs and ships in harbors haveView full post »


Quotes and Doodles

My newly retired, creative friend Robin approached me about supplying doodles to a quote book she’s puttingView full post »


Faith and Belief

Wrapping my mind around the concepts of faith and belief is proving slow going. Still, I can comfortably live with thatView full post »


The Ultimate Cure

One woman believes she’s happened upon the ultimate cure. …View full post »


Hey, Hey, It’s Instagram

There is some really neat stuff being done by talented and creative people which is being shared on Instagram.View full post »


Hello 2017

It’s a few days in and I thought to share three things I wish for you and yours.View full post »


Doodle-Togs III

Switching gears from the past few weeks and my Marcus Aurelius challenge, it’s Doodle-tog time, again. *smiles*View full post »


Daily Gifts, With a Ben Franklin Twist

This Marcus Aurelius exercise/quest/challenge has changed my perspective. How I look at things. How I face each day. HowView full post »


Daily Gifts, Days 29 and 30

My thirty-day Marcus Aurelius inspired quest is officially over. What started out as a fluke (okay, a glimmer of an ideaView full post »


Daily Gifts, Week Four

My thirty-day Marcus Aurelius inspired quest was one of those off-the-wall-ideas-which-popped-into-my-head-but-since-it-View full post »


Daily Gifts, Week Three

Woo-hoo! I’m officially passed the half-way point on my 30-day Marcus Aurelius inspired quest. This is way upView full post »