d.108 celebratoryPost contributed by Nana Tush.

    Celebrations are a wonderful reason for having a good time with friends and loved ones. If you’re in the mood for jazzing up and adding pizzazz to your repertoire of celebrations, I’ve declared June 24 Create a Celebration Day. It’s a day dedicated to the creation of fun, happy, and even silly celebrations.

    Here are some random suggestions to get you thinking in a celebratory way.

    *January 30 ‑‑ I Think You’re Wonderful Day.

    Tell those you care about why you think they’re wonderful. Better still, write them a note, card, or letter — and send it through the mail. The recipient will have the fun of opening personal mail and will have a keepsake.

    *March ‑‑ Clear Out Your Clutter Month.

    A delightful way to do something you want to do, but have dreaded, is turning into a celebration. Celebrating encourages you to have fun.

    *April­­ ‑‑ The first weekend could be National Garage Sale Weekend.

    You sell what you cleared out last month, make some money, go to other’s garage sales, buy new treasures, and keep them in your garage, storage unit, closet, or under your bed until the next year’s COYCM.

    *August 24 ‑‑ Recipe Awareness Month.

    Try out new recipes. Learn the history of favorite recipes. Add twists and variations to recipes you’ve used before. Organize the recipes you’ve been collecting.

    *September ‑‑ Doodle Month.

    Celebrating and encouraging the great fun of doodling.

    *October 9 ‑‑ Wear Mismatched Socks Day.

    Turn your washing machine’s proclivity for eating one sock at a time into a celebration.

    Have fun creating and celebrating.

    PS: Would love to hear about the celebrations you create.

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