a.89 e-changeDo you ever find yourself afraid of change? Even though you are continually evolving and changing, do you try to hang onto a particular moment, perhaps one from before you learned to be afraid of the things you could not (and cannot) control?

    That change is inevitable is a given. However, you do get to choose whether you:

    A. accept change, make friends with it, and enjoy what comes your way, or
    B. fight change, and thereby render yourself impotent, exhausted and miserable.
    (Hint: Choose A.)

    One way to be more comfortable with change is by accepting that you only have control over your attitude and the energy you vibrate. How others react to your attitude and energy is beyond your control.

    Perhaps one of the keys to happiness (or contentment) is accepting the fact you are neither a Divine nor omnipotent being. Think of how liberating it is not having to control the entire world, one little section of the world, or even how others respond or react to change.

    Once you give up trying to halt the inevitability of change, you’re free to take the hint and Choose A.

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