Changing Focus

    a.41 change your focusIt is said you get what you focus on, and you should “let go” of things you don’t want. What it not said is exactly how you go about “letting go.” Just the act of thinking about “letting go” has you focusing on what you don’t want.

    You may find “letting go” difficult because you imagine by doing so you’ll fall into a great abyss, a bottomless pit, or a the rabbit’s hole. If so, try indifference. That may be an easier concept for your mind to wrap around

    Being indifferent loosens the hold of whatever it is that’s “got you.” It is a choice which allows you to remain on solid ground. You are not in free-fall. You are claiming the power to do right by you.

    By being indifferent, whatever you were focused on ceases to matter.

    *Worry no longer has any power over you.

    *Fear dissipates, you can breath deeply.

    *Anxiety leaves, freeing you to enjoy the moment fully.

    Indifference adds no fuel to the fire. Without that energy, your worries, fears, anxieties, and other negative emotions, can’t grow. Each one loses its power. They wither, shrivel, and die.

    By being indifferent to the negative, all that energy is freed up so you can focus on the positive. You’ll have the energy to passionately pursue that which makes you happy, excites you, and floats your boat.

    It you’ve had trouble “letting go,” give the switch a try. Take a chance in loosening the bonds of negativity which hold you tight. With a little practice, you may even set yourself free.

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