Cocoons, Eggs and Ships in Harbors

    After doodling the above, a bizarre question popped into my head. “What do cocoons, eggs and ships in harbors have in common?” The answer that came to me was they prepare those inside for the life that awaits them outside. Life entails struggle. Living life to the fullest, having adventures, requires risk. (It helps to maintain the faith that in the end, the balance sheet will show a life well lived.)

    Some think maintaining a routine will keep them safe. Nothing will harm them. Doesn’t work that way. Just like the ship will be safe in the harbor, that’s not what it was designed for. Ditto people. We weren’t designed to be cogs in a wheel. To go round and round in circles. We’re a curious breed. What can we do? Accomplish? Always wanting to know what’s around the next corner. When most of the earth had been traversed, it was time to aim higher. First came the moon. Then space stations. Now we’re preparing to go forth and explore Mars.

    It sucks you can’t have the sweet without the bitter. Or more accurately, that the sweet wouldn’t taste so sweet if not compared to the bitter. (Hence the “blessing” I bestow on those I care about that they should experience cups of joy to but teaspoons of sorrow. In my opinion, it doesn’t take much bitter to appreciate the sweet.)

    I quickly realized after my daughter’s birth that while I would do anything and everything in my power to protect her — keep her safe from hurt, harm and adversity — I couldn’t. There was no bubble to keep her in. And even if there had been, and it could have protected and sheltered her, I knew she would never survive leaving the bubble. Grrr! Then became the tightrope walk of balance while I attempted to maintain focus on the good while navigating the murky. True, life has Good Things and Little Happies as well as Magic Moments. Also true it has bad, evil & unpleasantness. (On bad days it feels like the latter is winning. On good days, I maintain hope. ~ I’m glad to report that lately I’ve had more good days than bad. *smiles*)

    Experiments have shown butterflies don’t survive if helped out of their cocoons. Ditto birds helped out of their eggs. It’s the struggle and adversity which affords them the strength, skills and ability to survive. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this fact sucks. But there you have it. It’s true. Should you be in need a bit of encouragement, know that when you make the choice to untie your ship from the dock (literally and/or figuratively) I will be clapping and cheering!

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    Star - February 1, 2017 - 12:35 pm

    Hurray for cups and teaspoons.
    Hurray for you having more good days than bad.
    Hurray for butterflies 🦋, birds 🐣… and for friends like you.

    Tana Bevan - February 1, 2017 - 1:28 pm

    To your happy hurrays Star, I add a couple “Hip, Hip”s along with some foot stomping and clapping and cheering. *hugs*