Daily Gifts, Week Four

    c_520w-week-4-giftMy thirty-day Marcus Aurelius inspired quest was one of those off-the-wall-ideas-which-popped-into-my-head-but-since-it-seemed-like-a-good-one-let-me-give-it-a-whirl moments. Sooooooooooo glad I did.

    The idea/concept of each day providing its own gifts has been an eye-opener. A new way, a gentle/easy way of looking at life, the world and even myself. This has been (and continues to be) beyond wonderful. Here’s hoping if you chose to try this for yourself, your results are as exciting — I’m going to go so far as to say life changing — as it’s been for me.

    As has been the custom, I choose one of the day’s multiple gifts to share.

    Fourth Week of Daily Gifts

    Day Twenty-Two. The gift of Doing. This one surprised me in light of yesterday’s gift (“being”). Then again, it can make sense. When you’re “being,” when you are “who you are,” you’re both free to enjoy the feeling of “being” while simultaneously deriving pleasure from movement and action. The latter two often lead to productivity, a by-product of “being.” It’s as if being comfortable with who we are allows us to enjoy doing. Kinda kicky.

    Day Twenty-Three. The gift of Whimsy. Delightful. Light-hearted. Fun. Fanciful. My doodles lean toward this. As do many of my doodle-togs, Duckie photos and the like. The whimsical generally brings a smile to my face and takes me to happy places in my mind. (Beats dark moods and stinkin’ thinkin’!)

    dt_008w-swinging-benchDay Twenty-Four. The gift of Faith. The Love of My Life’s faith is strong. Faith in the Big Guy Upstairs. Faith all things work out as they should. Faith in his abilities. From his stories I understand how his life experiences solidified this — even through those times he was “ridden hard and hung up wet.” Since I’m not on the radar in the faith department, he’s suggested I have faith in him (the LoML) and/or hang onto him and he’ll have faith for us both. Not there (yet). I have, however, seen his faith in action. Seen how things do work out as they are meant to (and often for the good). Today I felt the outer rays of his faith. Warm that they are. It’s a start.

    Day Twenty-Five. The gift of Apology and Forgiveness. Conjoined twins which can’t be separated. I’m quick to apologize … to others. Not so quick to accept apologies from others. Slower still to forgive others. As for forgiving myself, not sure if that’s actually ever happened. At least not permanently. Still, with this Marcus Aurelius inspired exercise, I’ve caught a glimpse of seeing where I truly forgive myself. For being human. For my F-I-Qs (foibles-isms-quirks). For realizing an apology (acknowledging what needs to be forgiven) is the first step of a two-step process. Another promising start.

    Day Twenty-Six. The gift of the Unknown. An Aunt Bertha type gift. As a child you wanted the flashy, not the practical. As an adult you realize — and appreciate — the value of the practical. Viewing the unknown as a gift is a way to approach it with excitement and anticipation. Even welcome it. Beats dread and fear.

    Day Twenty-Seven. The gift of Stories. A good story/storyteller can hold you enthralled. Take you away to different times. Different places. Makes you see things differently. Entertain you. Educate you. The LoML is a FABULOUS storyteller. His stories are the reason we are living on our 45-foot sailboat. It’s because of his stories I started baking sourdough bread (which has now segued into sourdough cookies, English muffins and cinnamon rolls).

    Day Twenty-Eight. The gift of Ginger. Ginger root. Ginger candy. Crystal ginger. Ginger snaps. Ginger tea. Ginger ale. Ginger beer. Ginger Kombucha. Ginger lemonade. Ginger preserves. My taste buds adore all things ginger. And when my tummy goes wonky, it’s ginger to the rescue.

    Wow! Two more days left. The excitement continues!

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