Daily Gifts, Week One

    c_515w-person-giftLast week’s post, inspired by Marcus Aurelius’ quote, “Each day provides its own gift” said in part,

    As a result of happening upon Marcus Aurelius’ quote and writing this post, for the next 30 days I’m going to consciously and graciously accept the day’s gifts. If need be, I’ll go forth and seek it (them?) out.

    This first week I noticed each day presented multiple gifts. Added to my fun was the mind set of searching for those gifts not overtly apparent. It’s been a delight to look for, find, acknowledge and keep the gifts.

    I’ve chosen to share one from each day which received a little more attention than the others. If you decided to join me on this treasure hunt, I’d love to hear about it.

    First Week of Daily Gifts

    Day One: The gift of Choice. The choice to accept these daily gifts. Excited!

    Day Two: The gift of Quiet. Living on a sailboat, this can be taken both literally and figuratively. Literally there’s the post-storm quiet. Flat seas. Gentle or no breeze. Ability to hear the waves lapping against the boat’s hull when the wind generator goes silent. Figuratively there were glimpses of a quiet stillness inside. A silencing of the monkey chatter in the mind.

    Day Three: The gift of Helping. While not endowed with a competitive streak or the need to order others around, I enjoy helping others. Part of my “Encourager extraordinaire” make up. I felt helpful by wrapping the anchor rope and chain properly in the secondary anchor locker while the Love of My Life rested after raising said anchor.

    c_516w-contentDay Four: The gift of Contentment. A sense of peace. Of “knowing” all is right with the world. While it didn’t last long, it was still good to know it’s there. A gift well worth cultivating.

    Day Five: The gift of Time. Time to explore. Grow. Grieve. Expand horizons. Be with the Love of My Life. Though giving my daughter the gift of time to think was up there in the list of reasons she was home educated, it didn’t occur to me — until today — such a gift could apply to me.

    Day Six: The gift of Healing. With physical healing, time (and the incredible genetic make-up of the human body) eventually takes care of that. Albeit sometimes slowly. Sometimes quickly. But there’s also intangible healing. For the psyche. Emotions. Healing from grief. Foot-in-mouth disease. Bad decisions. “Letting go” hasn’t worked for me as a healing tool. It’s an “I have to do something” process. A proactive-like action. Healing is gentler. Puts me in a receiving position. Am definitely going to explore the idea of how “healing” may be a work-around for “letting go.” If yes, I am all for it!

    Day Seven: The gift of Naps. Love ’em. Short ones. Long ones. Doesn’t matter. Imagine a world (or even a workplace) where everyone would stop around three-ish in the afternoon, take out their mat (or blankie), settle down to nap. Some 15, 20 or even 30 minutes later they’d rise, partake of cookies and a beverage. Thus rejuvenated would return to their tasks. Hehehe

    Looking forward to seeing what gifts Week Two presents.

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    Star - November 16, 2016 - 3:15 pm

    My gift last week: Friends. Every day someone reminded me, often without words, that I am not alone…that love surrounds us all.

    Tana Bevan - November 18, 2016 - 1:40 pm

    Star, Friends truly are a special gift. I am grateful you are my friend. *hugs*