Daily Gifts, Week Three

    c_518w-week-3-giftsWoo-hoo! I’m officially passed the half-way point on my 30-day Marcus Aurelius inspired quest. This is way up there on the list of Good Things and Little Happies. Who knew? Obviously not I. I am so jazzed I want to shout from the rooftops. (Unlikely as I’m not fond of heights, but you get the gist of my enthusiasm.)

    As an aside, I am curious to find out if this little experiment turning into a Huge Wonderful is just a me thing, or if focusing on “Each day provides its own gifts” is a way to a Huge Wonderful for everyone who does this. If you’ve chosen to join me (or are inspired to begin now), I’d love to hear your experiences.

    In keeping with the prior posts, I’ve spotlighted one of the day’s gifts (while reveling in the day’s multiple gifts).

    Third Week of Daily Gifts

    cigarbox_01awDay Fifteen. The gift of Doodles. They are everywhere if you know how to look. In drops of water. Globs of glue. Flowers. Mushrooms. Even corners of cigar boxes! Doodles are whimsical. Doodles are magical. Doodles can convey so much with so little. Even businesses have jumped on the doodle bandwagon. (And so far haven’t diluted the wonderfulness of doodles, which proves how great they are.) Yay for doodles!!!

    cigarbox_01bwDay Sixteen. The gift of Electricity. I am thankful to all those who stood on the shoulders of others over time so I can have, with the flick of a switch, lights at night. Washing machines. Dryers. Heaters (hot water, space warmers, heat-the-whole-house). Air-conditioners. And so much more, even computers! (Says the technologically-challenged woman as she laughs.)

    Day Seventeen. The gift of Fun.  Being silly. Laughing together. Finding pleasure in the simple. Enjoying little things. When my darlin’ daughter was about three, we found a small ball of dark lint on her light-colored sheets. Using our breath to blow the lint back and forth we were throughly entertained with our game of “Lint Hockey.” (A variation of air hockey.)

    Day Eighteen. The gift of Acceptance. The Love of My Life. The man I love unconditionally. The man who is patient, understanding and loves me unconditionally. This man can, on occasion, be a grump-a-saurous. In the past I would have taken it seriously. Would have thought it my fault. I’d done something to bring this about. Thanks to today’s gift, I realized he was simply grumpy. It happens. I gave him his space and all was well. Even though I refer to him as The Love of My Life, my He-Man and my Computer Whiz-banger his is, after all, human. Didn’t affect our love. Didn’t affect our life. It just was.

    Day Nineteen. The gift of Epiphany. Those instances when you see things clearly. As if the fog dissipates. Ponderables make sense. You have sudden and great revelations. Insight. Clap and cheer/high-five moments.

    Day Twenty. The gift of Water. During our recent sailboat-is-out-of-commission-we’re-on-anchor-waiting-for-the-repair-parts-to-arrive-from-England adventure, I was again reminded of how great the gift of easily accessible fresh running water is. With our water maker not yet on the boat, no rain forthcoming and our 250 gallon water tanks dry, the LoML had to row into town to haul water, many-a-time.

    Day Twenty-One. The gift of Being. A gift to revel in (and mull over). A heady sensation. Almost (if not completely) priceless. Feeling/Having a sense of worth — of value — without trade. Being here. In this world. Alive. Complete with foibles, isms and quirks. If memory serves, The Big Guy Upstairs is credited with saying “I am that I am.” Of import in the statement is the “I am,” the “being.” Wow!

    i-am-that-i-am_w-colorThis is good. Better than good! Has been from the start and keeps getting better. I am so excited to see what gifts Week Four brings.

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    Star - November 30, 2016 - 1:55 pm

    Again, deep gratitude to you for this space to focus on the gifts of my life.
    Last week, it was travel … and loving surprises (wow; two thankfulnesses).
    My hubby kept telling me not to schedule anything for the days after Thanksgiving, and I managed to comply. He told me to pack some warm clothes. Then, on Friday morning, we got into the car and onto the road ~ to Santa Fe.
    The desert between Flagstaff and Santa Fe is ever-changing, from flat scrub to far-off mesas to colorful cliffs and cottonwood-edged streams bordering the road. The skies are deep blue and the clouds, at least that day, were puffy white.
    Relaxing, meandering, with no particular place to be ~ that’s truly peaceful travel, and that’s what we did.
    The trip home Sunday night was different ~ stormy, with enough snow falling in places to seem like we were driving through a snow tunnel. Slower travel, beautiful travel.
    It was all wonderful.

    Kath - November 30, 2016 - 3:18 pm

    Tana I love reading this uplifting post and also see images within images all the time. I hope the festive season brings you much more joy.

    Tana Bevan - December 3, 2016 - 10:07 pm

    Thank you for your good wishes Kath. Back atcha! As for the tenor of the posts, I find it all too easy to get drawn into the dark and negative. Searching out and embracing the whimsical and the everyday joy helps lighten the mood.

    Tana Bevan - December 3, 2016 - 10:11 pm

    Star, What an absolutely wonderful and magical story. Sounds like Hubby’s surprise was a great success and fun was had by all. Great addition to your store of Magic Moments and Good Things and Little Happies. Amazing the gifts that present themselves in our lives if only we remain open to them. Thank you for sharing such a delightful tale.