Daily Gifts, Week Two

    c_517w-quest-for-giftsUpon embarking on this Marcus Aurelius inspired quest to see what gifts each day bestowed, I had no idea what to expect. Actually, I hadn’t expected anything. Thus making the fact the quest is proving to be a delightful adventure all the more special. I’ve been waking each morning with an eagerness and anticipation of a young child. Throughout the day I find myself marveling at the wonder of the day and yes, excited to see what my gifts will be.

    Adhering to the “Less is More” philosophy, rather than share each days’ gifts, I’ve chosen to highlight one per day. As before, if you’ve chosen to join me (or are inspired to begin now), I hope you’ll share those Daily Gifts you received.

    Second Week of Daily Gifts

    Day Eight. The gift of Awareness. This includes being aware of my thoughts (positive? negative? helpful? hurtful?), mind wanderings, aka “spacing out” (as in momentarily shutting down thus requiring the requisite “Excuse me, could you please repeat yourself?”) and “time traveling” (jumping back into the past, zipping into the future, letting the present proceed on autopilot). There was a heightened sense of sensuality (sounds, sights, smells, tastes). I was more aware than usual of the tactile sensations/feelings of things I touched.

    Day Nine. The gift of Patience. This gift is bestowed upon me regularly by the Love of My Life who gets plenty of practice! (lol) I regularly thank all I can think to thank he remains steady and even-keeled. Though never intentional, apparently I have a “knack” of pushing him to his limits. I fully intend to get the upper hand on this. Of course that takes time. … Which involves patience. … Not something I have. Though I am striving to acquire. Haha

    Day Ten. The gift of Weather. Of particular import when living on a sailboat. Celebration is in order when weather gets the memo for the day’s (intended/wanted/needed) activities … and heeds.

    Day Eleven. The gift of Friends. Though I’ve never had a large number of friends at any one time, those I do have mean the world to me. I am truly a blessed woman.

    Day Twelve. The gift of Work-Arounds. When you can’t get in through the front door, there are usually other options. We recently had an engine part sent from England. The LoML tracked it to Kennedy airport in New York. Then nothing. The English company wished the LoML “good luck” in getting a U.S. tracking number as they (the English company) hadn’t had success in the past. With nothing to lose and figuring the odds were postal personnel would be friendly in a small town, I called. Yep. Friendly woman answered, couldn’t help, passed me onto her friendly (helpful and knowledgeable) supervisor. Pay Dirt!

    Day Thirteen. The gift of Insight. Makes sense. It’s a natural progression of both time and awareness. It’s neat seeing the interconnectedness of the gifts evolving organically.

    Day Fourteen. The gift of Laughter. Good for the soul. Good for the belly. Helps one’s outlook. Things appear a bit brighter. A bit lighter. It’s a great release. Plus it puts you in a good mood.

    Now that I know how wonderful this quest is, I’m all the more excited to see the gifts Week Three presents.

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    Star - November 23, 2016 - 4:45 pm

    My second gift [weekly is my comfort zone right now] is one you mention here: weather.
    We had a warm fall. Then, it suddenly shifted.
    As Frank and I were putting up our Bless the Birds and Beasts trees outside a local historical building earlier this week, it alternated between sun, wind, rain, sleet, hail and … finally … snow! Big, mushy, wet flakes of snow. It was a wonderful day to dance in the invigorating cold, and celebrate the changing seasons.
    Thank you, dear Tana, for this opportunity to express thanks for so many good things in life ~ friends [including the blessing of your friendship] and, now, weather.

    Tana Bevan - November 24, 2016 - 1:39 pm

    Star, As a slow-mo mosey and meanderer, I can appreciate you modifying Marcus Aurelius’ Daily Gift concept to a Weekly Gift concept. Of import (in my “humble” opinion *lol*) is focusing on the gifts. I’m discovering many a wonderful fringe benefits resulting from that. Always thankful for friends. I’ve chosen to view Thanksgiving as a day for taking stock and giving thanks. Weather included.

    As for weather, Florida’s can be pretty intense, though nothing like you described. Glad you found it
    to be a celebratory gift. Happy Thanksgiving.