Daily Gifts, With a Ben Franklin Twist

    c_519w-roman-bridgeThis Marcus Aurelius exercise/quest/challenge has changed my perspective. How I look at things. How I face each day. How I think. It’s helped me rise above the morass of my stinkin’ thinkin’ and quieted the monkey chatter in my mind. Now the question is, “How do I
    ~hang on to,
    ~keep the momentum going,
    ~even flourish
    in the face of all the wonderful gifts bestowed upon me during the 30-day challenge?”

    Benjamin Franklin came up with a set of “virtues,” 13 attributes he deemed of value to his personal Rules/Code of Conduct. Throughout his life he focused on one virtue a week (four cycles a year). While focused on his Virtue of the Week, he kept tabs on his adherence to the others using a scorecard he created.

    Though I like the reasoning Franklin used in setting up his discipline, its protocol is unsuitable with my temperament.

    To begin with, I’ve been given gifts — a wide range. I don’t particularly want to spend my life focused on a select few. I would quickly bore with the hashing and rehashing of the same thing. There’s also the fact not all gifts warrant continual attention. Ginger is a great gift, in all its incarnations, but it is simply ginger. Ditto naps. On the other hand “Being” is a wonderful gift. Ditto “Doing.” Those do warrant extra attention. As for the gift of Faith, in my case that would be a nice one to grow into.

    That said, what then do I do with my gifts (those already received and those each day brings)? I’ve decided if a particular gift catches my fancy I will give myself a week to spend time with it. Explore it. Notice how it evolves. See what, if anything, it leads me to and/or where it takes me — all the while remaining open to each day’s Daily Gifts.

    If somewhere along the line I happen upon another quote which inspires me, I will spend time with that — be it a week, 30-days or other amount. Thus the adventure continues. Woo-hoo!

    Disclaimer/Promise: Fear not. Though the Daily Gifts have become very personal, liberating, healing and exciting for me, I will refrain from further posts about them. *smiles*

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