Daily Gifts

    c_514w-sunish-flowerishEach day provides its own gifts. ~ Marcus Aurelius

    It is up to us to accept such gifts graciously. On those days it appears no gifts have come our way, perhaps it’s time to embark on a treasure hunt.

    Marcus Aurelius mentions gifts, plural. For is not the gift of another day in and of itself not a treasure?

    Is not the gift of today another chance to:
    ~right a wrong?
    ~make someone smile?
    ~forgive yourself for the human side of you which makes mistakes and puts your foot in your mouth?
    ~revel, rejoice and celebrate the human side of you which is kind, compassionate, loving, caring and wise?

    What are some of the gifts you hold dear? Are they things or are they memories? For me, it’s the memories. Things come and go, it’s their nature. Memories are always with you. The good ones. The special ones. The ones that bring you joy. Make you happy. Make you feel special. Excited to be alive. Those are gifts to be cherished. (Of course, the ultimate priceless gift is being loved unconditionally. My hope is this gift has been liberally bestowed upon you.)

    As a result of happening upon Marcus Aurelius’ quote and writing this post, for the next 30 days I’m going to consciously and graciously accept the day’s gifts. If need be, I’ll go forth and seek it (them?) out.

    Today, Day One, my gift is Choice. The choice to accept these daily gifts. Excited!

    PS: Care to join me? Would love to have you come along.

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