Do You Always Need To Win?

    c.59 finish lineWhere is it decreed you need to finish every race you begin, enter every race you hear about, or win every race you start? Maybe there are times when crossing the finish line is of import, be it first, third, or last. Then again perhaps the lesson is to be happy and content wherever you are, even if that has you whole heartedly clapping and cheering for others.

    You ask, “How can I clap and cheer for those who are getting what I want, what I desire?” Maybe the answer is you need to get out of yourself. Then one of those Zen-type things kicks in. Somehow by going outside yourself to root for another, you come back to yourself with greater clarity. It could even be you wind up opening pathways for your desires to find their way to you.

    It’s easy to be content when crossing the finish line first, harder when crossing last.

    It’s easy to scream “So near, yet so far” when you’ve run a hard race, are within spitting distance of the finish line, and others have already crossed. Harder to reach inside, find a place of contentment wherein you sing, “So near and yet so wonderful.”

    It’s easy to be in a race you’ve always wanted to run, harder having to watch it from the sidelines.

    In the end, perhaps your reason for being at that place at that time is simply to “be.” Imagine how wonderful it is to truly revel and rejoice in “being,” whether that moment has you winning, losing, or cheering others on.

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