Don’t Lose Your Mind

    c.17 losing my mindYou really don’t want to be losing your mind. As you age, it will get harder to find. Here are some suggestions to keep it from running away or getting lost:

    *Change your routines, even if slightly.
    ^Take a different routes to your destination.
    ^Clean the house in a different order.
    ^Do something on a different day.
    ^Write with your other hand.

    *Stimulate your mind.
    ^Listen to a lecture on a topic you know nothing about.
    ^Give a talk on a topic about which you are interested.
    ^Learn something new.
    ^Get better at something you already know.

    *Let it soar.
    ^Let yourself daydream.
    ^Let your imagination roam.
    ^Take mini mental vacations.

    *Give yourself regular scheduled breaks.
    ^Do all you can to claim even an hour or two during the course of your week, even if you have to curtail another commitment. After all, many of the world’s religions set aside a day to be different than the others. Institutions of higher offer their tenured professors sabbaticals.

    Most women, yours truly included, find it hard doing for themselves, when others seem in need. However, when your car’s battery dies you replace it. You replace it because your car won’t move without it. It’s not so easy replacing your battery. Don’t let that happen. Remain diligent in being good to yourself, keeping your batteries charged, and your mind fully engaged.

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