Doodle Mart

c.234 Doodled Avatar_Slow

Get doodled! A one-of-the-kind custom doodle avatar. Avatars are your face in cyberspace. Avatars represent who and what you are.







w.100b Encouragement#2

Even in our techno-savvy era, it’s still exciting going to the mailbox and finding a personal note or letter addressed to you. The note can be as simple as “Hi. I was thinking of you. Hope all’s well.” Or even, “Seeing this card made me think of you. Good thoughts heading your way.”

A note like that can totally make your day. So why not spread a little love and shore up a little Karma by making someone else’s day?







Mer The Mermaid and The Pearl

The Mermaid and the Pearl is a lively retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s time-honored fairytale, The Princess and the Pea.

Original artwork, doodles, and William Morris inspired backgrounds combine to create a watery world of Mer Romance.


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