Faith and Belief

    Wrapping my mind around the concepts of faith and belief is proving slow going. Still, I can comfortably live with that. Particularly when recalling the Chinese saying, “Don’t be afraid of going slowly, be afraid of standing still.” With that in mind, here are some further thoughts and ideas I’ve been mulling.

    Faith is an acceptance of an idea. The idea is generally amorphous (not well defined) which allows individual expression of said idea. Belief is acceptance of a well fleshed-out idea.

    An example is how we came to be living on a sailboat. Ostensibly:

    The Love of My Life’s boat stories
    The question “Can we do a sailboat?”
    Looking for a sailboat
    A Craigslist joke
    Purchase of houseboat
    Relocating cross-country
    Living on houseboat
    Search for sailboat
    Purchase of sailboat
    Living on sailboat.

    When we made the decision to buy a sailboat, the LoML had Faith we would find one right for us. He had no information to back that up. Didn’t know where the boat was or even what kind it was. Faith was always the sailboat. It was not based on facts. Faith just was. As we progressed through the process and the facts came in, we built the faith into different beliefs. (Each step on the list was a belief. Bringing about each step was the minutia.)

    As we went through the process, the Faith was always the sailboat. As we progressed through creating tasks and accomplishing tasks, those were the Beliefs. (Belief always follows Faith.)

    When we open new doors and start exploring new things, we don’t have a picture. We don’t know what’s behind the door. It’s best to keep our minds open for possibilities. By accepting things can be accomplished, we have Faith. By accomplishing those things (and having the evidence of accomplishing those things), we have Belief.

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    Sheila Bergquist - January 19, 2017 - 2:32 am

    Wow, do you really live on a houseboat? How cool!

    Tana Bevan - January 19, 2017 - 11:44 am

    Actually Sheila, it’s a 45-foot sailboat. And yes, it is cool!

    Star - January 20, 2017 - 12:35 am

    Love that saying: “Don’t be afraid of going slowly. Be afraid of standing still.”
    It can apply to almost everything.
    Thank you, Tana.

    Tana Bevan - January 20, 2017 - 6:32 pm

    I agree Star. It’s also a great saying (and comfort) for those of us who are of the slow mosey & meander ilk.