Father’s Day

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    It’s Father’s Day and you’ve got grudges from way-back-when.

    You’re still ticked he wouldn’t let you date before you graduated from high school.

    Consider that he was once a high school boy with raging hormones. He knows all the lines. He was there. He knows what it’s like. He wants better for you.

    Maybe he allowed you to date in high school, but he embarrassed you by grilling your date–about his family, wanting to know his parents, having all phone numbers of his family, and practically threatening your date should he do anything remotely inappropriate to you.

    Your father neither used your body for his own gratification, nor sold you to others. There are millions who cannot make that statement.

    You’re ticked your father pried into your business and asked you questions about your life.

    Your father’s actions showed he cared.Whether it was waiting up for you when you snuck back in the house at 2:00 a.m., three hours after curfew, or attempting to engage you in a conversation without your theatrics of eye-rolling and heaving sighing. Surely you have at least one friend — if not more — with a deadbeat dad who walked out of their life, never to be heard from again? Yours cared enough to be there.

    Your father would brag about your accomplishments, and in front of your friends.

    Grow up! Your father was proud of you. He wasn’t using you as a whipping post, verbally, mentally, and/or emotionally.

    Even if your father didn’t always get it right, if he did what he did for the right reasons — because he loved you, wanted to provide for you, encourage you, and protect you from harm — and even if along the way he,

    *embarrassed you,

    *got in your business,

    *didn’t let you date at 12,

    *didn’t let you get a tattoo at 13,

    it’s okay.

    If you can give thanks you weren’t sired by one who should have never been a father, and your dad’s still alive, you’re one of the lucky ones. Let him know the things he did right. You can even tell him he’s appreciated and loved.


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