Feeling Good in Advance — Five Steps to Worrying Less

    a.77 feeling good in advanceFeeling good in advance beats worrying in advance. But if you subscribe to the belief “tis better to worry in advance and not need, than to have missed a worry,” feeling good in advance may take some getting used to. (Okay, so that’s an understatement. However, the switch is both possible and do-able.)

    Sometimes making the change is as easy as flipping a switch, others you’ll want a jackhammer.

    Since you probably can’t change what you’re worrying about, the simplest way to get yourself feeling good is to change your focus. Easier said than done, particularly for a worrier. Worry not. Here are five tips to get you started.

    1. Switch focus. Switch from your Worry-of-the-Moment to a Good Thing and Little Happy. Your Good Thing and Little Happy can be as mundane as getting the shower water temperature just right, or as special as receiving notification you won a major award.

    2. Get physical! Go for a walk, fly a kit, vacuum the carpet, polish the car, ride a bike, do jumping jacks. Do whatever will get your blood pumping and your focus onto Feeling Good.

    3. Get Creative. Doodle. Knit. Sing. Dance. Cook. Draw. Make an app.

    4. Laugh. The more you can laugh, particularly at yourself and your foibles, the better. Laughter’s great because if it comes naturally you’ll feel great. However, even if you go through the motions of laughing, you’ll probably feel great, and it’s certain you’ll feel better.

    5. Smile. A phoney smile will do, if necessary. If that’s too much of a stretch and you need a prop, hold a pen horizontally with your teeth. (The pen will go across your face, the top of the pen in line with one ear, the tip the other.) The process of holding a pen this way puts your face muscles into a smile.

    Give it a try. You might discover you like feeling good in advance. Maybe you’ll even decide feeling good beats worrying anytime, not just in advance.

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