Finding Creative Solutions

    c.36 creative solutions will comeWhen it comes to a soggy noodle, you can drag it, swing it, slurp it, smash it, but you really can’t push is.

    If you need a creative solution to a problem, be it creating a logo, writing a post, figuring out a spur-of-the-moment project to keep 15 suddenly snowbound three-year-olds occupied, or getting your acrimoniously divorced parents to behave at your wedding, you need solutions.

    Have you noticed no matter how hard you push, prod, and fuss, or beg and plead, solutions are stubborn and don’t appear on command? Turns out some things just can’t be forced. Creative solutions are one of them. They tend to be contrary, following their time-clock, not yours.

    A good friend of mine, Ms. Evan, told me how she manages to get those creative solutions to do her bidding.

    “I discovered the full frontal assault for finding solutions to tricky problems didn’t work for me. Rather by formulating what I am seeking a solution to in the form of ‘How am I going to accomplish this task, given these constraints?’ then going about my business, usually does.”

    Ms. Evan explained, “I believe by ‘putting it out there’ and then ‘letting it go’ rather than fussing about ‘What am I to do?’ or ‘How am I going to solve this problem?’ frees my subconscious (or whatever comes up with creative solutions) to respond.”

    It works for her.

    She also told me that over time she discovered by posing her question right before she falls asleep, the answer is more-often-than-not waiting for her in the morning.

    So if you have a question you’re seeking a solution for, I suggest you give Ms. Evan’s method a try. Who knows, maybe there is even a way to easily push a soggy noodle.

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