First Step

    a.19a finding good.01.txt.jpgComplete the sentence, “One thing about myself I feel good about is …”.

    Just for today, any time you find yourself feeling less than good, think of that point.

    You get to decide what it is. It can be anything at all. Loving the shape of your left ear lobe, knowing you make scrumptious chocolate chip cookies, flossing your teeth, the weight you lost, telling your child you love him/her.

    What ever it is, make it yours. Acknowledge it. Embrace it. Celebrate it. Feel good about it.

    Have a wonderful day!

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    Lara - June 1, 2012 - 11:20 am

    Hi Tana,
    It was nice to meet you yesterday – I am happy you stopped to ask for directions! I hope you made it to your destination. Have a good weekend, Lara