Fun With Doodles

    c.46 doodle in time

    Doodles are lighthearted, fun, and lend themselves to revamping famous adages, sayings, and bumper stickers. Nana Tush shared ten of her favorite.

    “As snug as a doodle in a rug.”

    “A doodle in time, saves nine.”

    “A doodle never falls far from the pen.”

    “Once upon a doodle.”

    “A tisket, a tasket, a fun and happy doodle in a basket.”

    “A doodle a day keeps the blues away!”

    “My doodle is an honor student!”

    “The early doodle gets sketched.”

    “Where there’s a doodle there’s a way.”

    “Doodling is the mother of invention.”

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