Gifts, Giving, and Receiving

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    It’s exciting to be out and about when you unexpectedly come across a something that reminds you of your intended recipient. Particularly if in your circle of gift givers, gift giving is optional with no one keeping running tallies on who gave what (and when). (This is particularly helpful when you have more month than money.)

    Gift giving takes on a fun, light-hearted type energy when viewed as an anytime joyous occasion, without you having to wait for an “official” holiday or celebration.

    It’s fun finding the item and preparing to pass it onto its new owner. It’s always nice when your gift reflects the recipient’s tastes rather than your own. It’s another way of thoughtfully acknowledging their preferences. By doing so, you honor them.

    There is also a satisfaction in letting go of any claim to the gift once the transfer takes place. If you were right in your selection and the recipient likes it, great. If you were wrong and they immediately pass it on, that’s fine too.

    By giving a “just-because” gift, the recipient knows you were thinking of them. The gift then is a spontaneous gesture. When no strings are attached (or any tit-for-tat obligation), you and the recipient are free to make the most out of the impromptu joyous occasion.

    It is also fun being on the receiving end of gifts. Particularly when the gesture is from the heart, with neither strings attached nor obligation on your part.

    When thinking of gifts, you probably first think of “tangible” items. However, gifts can also be intangible.

    Spending quality time with a friend or loved one is a wondrous gift.

    When a friend or loved one has suffered a great loss many times there is nothing to be said, no words to offer. Your gift of presence, of being with them, a tangible offering so they know they are not alone, can be a great comfort. Checking in periodically after the initial loss can keep the gift of presence and caring alive.

    So while for me a gift means, “Here’s a token from me to you so you’ll know I appreciate and value your presence in my life,” it’s a comfort to know gifts don’t always have to be of the tangible “thing” sort.

    Along with time and presence, the gifts of respect, honor, loyalty, and honesty are always in good taste, match any outfit, go with any home decor, and are always appropriate. The ultimate gift however has no price tag, is priceless, and can be given by all. The greatest of all gifts is unconditional love.

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