Goodbye Flip Phone, Hello Android

    a.306w goodbye flipphoneAccording to the Love of My Life, April 25, 2016 was a red letter day. As I sat and typed this post, the LoML (who is also a Techie Master) set up my new Android, a.k.a. Smart Phone.

    I remember the look he gave me the first time he saw me pull out my phone, too funny. We quickly set technological ground rules from the outset. He’d be the techno-geek and wouldn’t give me grief about my oldies-but-tolerateds.

    When we first met, I not only had the flip phone, the same one my darling daughter passed on to me when she upgraded oh some seven, eight, perhaps even nine years ago, but I also had the Palm Zire she acquired at 13 and passed on to me, the Nano i-pod (I believe I purchased that for myself, but with my daughter’s counsel…how many years ago was that, I know not), a digital camera my daughter passed on, oh and also an I-Mac, about five, six or seven years old, given to me by my … you got it … techno-teen who grew into a techno-twentysomething. My operating system is Windows 7. I have Microsoft Office 2003, Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard, WordPerfect X5 and I doodle on Adobe CS6 software. The list goes on, but I’m sure you get the gist.

    My initial foray into technology wasn’t so bad, though I quickly morphed into a technologically-challenged person. A lot of it was attitude. Bad attitude! It seemed every time I figured out which buttons to push and in which order to get the piece of equipment to do what I wanted it to do, it was UPGRADED! Supposedly with the intent of making my life easier, but usually I found it complicated things. Worse was the fact that each upgrade seemed to take more options away from me. I had to do what the software wanted and not what I wanted. I got fed up. (The economics of  the continual upgrade also irritated me.)

    My technological needs are fairly simple. When writing I want a word processing program. The one I have does everything I need — so why upgrade? Ditto the Photoshop version I use. Yes, the latest and greatest comes with many more bells and whistles, but how many do I actually need versus how many are simply distractions from what I need?

    My Techno-twentysomething occasionally brought up the subject of upgrading. However, since she hasn’t lived at home for many years she wasn’t able to pull sneakies like the LoML did. You see, what he did was he first gave me his old tablet. Set it up with a Kundalini App so I could do my yoga. Then slowly started adding more things, an ebook here, a master list of things we needed to purchase (synced to his phone, his computer and the tablet), access to my bank accounts and the like. Then he showed me how to engage the mobile hotspot with his Smart Phone so I could get internet access when wi-fi wasn’t available. There were other things he slowly introduced me to, whether on “my” tablet or his Android.

    The kicker is it was costing more money to maintain the flip phone. The phone package the LoML has includes unlimited data/talking/text and 9 GB of hotspot per month. Now between the two phones we have 18 GB a month. That’s a lot. Knowing my Techno-Geek, other upgrades aren’t too far off in the future. I admit to being stubborn, but who knows?
    r-i-p flip phone_w

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