He Left His Mark

    c.53 Mark of DoodlerHe was voted Most Likely to leave his Mark. We all expected that meant he’d win the Nobel Prize or something along those lines. That’s not quite how it worked out.

    He doodled to help pass the time in class. Soon the writing was on the wall and was being tagged all over the ‘hood. As if that wasn’t enough, once his photo hit cyberspace, taggers everywhere plagiarized his mark! Rather than getting residuals, he was given a 240 day suspended sentence and had to do 180 hours of community service. He was also told to cover up all his “marks” with some very ugly paint. That was a low point in his life.

    But then his story went viral. He chose to forego his own reality show and wound up on all the talk shows. That led to a hefty advance on a multiple book deal and another huge advance on a movie deal, in which he had the staring role. Now there’s buzz of an Academy Award nomination.

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