Hey, Hey, It’s Instagram

    There is some really neat stuff being done by talented and creative people which is being shared on Instagram.

    (For those like me who are a “bit behind the times” [lol], per Wikipedia Instagram is: “…an online mobile photo-sharing that enables its users to take pictures and share them either publicly or privately …”.)

    As with all social media, different people use it for different purposes, personal, professional, commercial and creative. I’m finding it a great venue for inspiration. Here are a few of the bodies of work which caught my eye.

    Massimo Fenati’s work consists of doodles combined with baked goods.


    Jen.Ise uses various phone apps to create unique photos.


    When I look at Debugviewart’s photos, it’s as if I hear the beat of techno-music. Kicky!


    Sia-Colextions creates visual stories by combining quotes with a picture within a picture. Hard to explain. Check it out.

    I was so wrapped up in sharing a few whose work I’m enjoying, I almost forgot to share some of my work from my Instagram account.  lol.

    I don’t have a central theme to my Instagram. The above is a doodle-tog I created using an LED anchor light as the foundation. Below was a boring image which I wanted to see if I could create something interesting out of. I’m pleased with the result.
    Below is a photo I took of a hand drawn doodle.
    Finally, below are six thumbnails of various photos, doodle-togs, and what-nots I chose to share. As one who enjoyes photography as well as seeing others’ creativity, Instagram is proving to be a fertile ground for both enjoyment and inspiration.

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