Hire Me


In today’s competitive market you must exploit the powerful. Take the edge. Leave your presence lingering in your clients’ memories. In short, you need a Doodle!


A Doodle? 

Anything you and your Dream Team can imagineDoodles are serious business done in an imaginative way. The gift of gab unspoken. A place where the creative meets the pragmatic to create anything you — and your Dream Team — can imagine.






Convey the Essence


Doodles capture the essence of what you want to convey, embedding it in the consumer’s mind. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a single Doodle is worth a thousand pictures. (Just ask Google.)






Fun is serious business

In the world of doodles, fun is serious business. Doodles are immensely powerful, extremely adaptable, and fit comfortably in all environments. They are suitable for products, books, logos, brainstorming tools, branding or the like.

Doodles are also:
*appropriate for all ages and genders,
*contain no calories,
*never talk back,
*convey messages, complex ideas, and lift spirits
… without uttering a single word.


Now What?

LetYour business, industry or image wants the cutting edge. Let’s Talk Doodles! I’m reasonably priced, outrageously creative, and collaboration is my middle name.

Let’s get those Doodles working for YOU.



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