Hot-Air Balloon

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    According to Chase’s Calendar of Events, on June 5, 1783 brothers Joseph and Jacques Motgolfier gave the first public demonstration of a hot-air balloon flight in Annonay, France, and on June 4, 1784, Marie Thible (accompanied by a pilot) became the first woman to fly in a free balloon.

    Only they know how much hair was pulled, doors were kicked, or walls pounded in frustration as they brought this about. Those flights came about because their “seeing it through” attitude overrode their “What’s the use?” attitude, first steps to manned space flights.

    They had a dream they were passionate about. And like you (me, and the rest of the human race) they were not wired for being “on” or “jazzed” about their dream 24/7. The great news is they didn’t have to be. They succeeded because they had more passion-filled “on” sessions than fizzled-out “what’s the use” sessions.

    When you have a dream you are passionate about, don’t beat yourself up for not be “on” all the time. Rather give yourself a resounding woo-hoo for your “on” sessions. As for your “off” sessions, keep the faith — in your ability, in your worth, and in your dream. Dare to be brave by dreaming your dreams, and dare to be braver by bringing your dreams to life.

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