How to Start a Blog


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    When you decide you want to start a blog, you’ll quickly discover there are many opinions, not only about the order of your learning, but also what you should do, and how you should do it.

    You may be a Planner. One who is organized and uses lists or follows a plan. You will probably read all you can on blogs, bloggers, and blogging. You may be a Let-me-toss-mud-on-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks person. You may, or may not have ever read a blog or talked to a blogger. You might have heard it mentioned somewhere, thought it sounded fun, and decided to create one.

    But, what if on the road to blogdom you’ve been trying to be the former, while your nature is the latter?

    Let’s say you decided you were going to get serious about blogging and you wanted to “do it right.” You went to seminars. You spoke to bloggers. You started studying blogs.

    What if you found yourself so worried about “doing it right,” whatever that right may be — having a theme, blogging daily, blogging weekly, allowing comments, not allowing comments, having a website first, having a blog first — you wrapped yourself in knots?

    What if you then found yourself alternating between short circuiting and being paralyzed by all the conflicting “gottas,” “oughttas,” and “shouldas?” Rather than fight, let it go. Embrace your nature. You are a mud-slinger.

    Instead of beating yourself up because you feel you can’t start until you dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s, here’s a gentle six-step plan to get you moving.

    Step 1: Do something! (Put up your first post. You can’t do your second post until you’ve done the first. By the time you’ve done the 20th or 30th, or whatever-th it’ll be second nature to you. And you won’t get to that magical, freeing whatever-th until you go through all the others, so have at it! Besides, deleting posts is an option, available only after you’ve posted.)

    Step 2: The something you do makes you feel good and harms no other! (Make it a happy blog or a meaningful blog.)

    Step 3: Accept that the something you’re doing is evolving and be open to its evolution! (If you’re not a planner, you’re not going to know what you’re blog’s going to be about. Don’t worry, it’ll come in time. Meanwhile, you’ll be learning all sorts of wonderful things about blogging, computers, and your audience, so by the time you hit your stride, you’ll be comfortable with the mechanics.)

    Step 4: Tune into your oh-this-feels-right-for-me radar, it will help you find your way. (Listen to that Little Voice inside, it’ll let you know when you’re on the right track.)

    Step 5: Breathe.

    Step 6: Smile. You did it!

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