Island Time

    c.332w Island TimeCaribbean Credo: Maná means not today. Since it’s not today, that could just as easily mean tomorrow, next week or even next year. For those few of the laid-back, taking-things-in-stride ilk this is an easy A. For those who are a little tighter wound, in a pass/fail course, the pass wouldn’t be certain.

    My take of the laid-backers (yours truly being of the tighter wound sort) is they have a fluid sense of time. Perhaps even view time as a limitless resource. Tighter-wounders tend to view time as a finite resource. Westerners, being big on quick quantifiable results, definitely notice its passing. (Lawyers certainly do since they count their “billables” in 0.1 of an hour increments.)

    So if you’re waiting for a part to fix your exhaust pipe so you can get back to sailing, dealing with Island Time can be frustrating. (Do you really want to be stuck in some port when the whole idea is be off exploring the wonders of the seas?) But, what if you’re not ready to be sailing around because you still need to learn to sail?

    If you’re one of those who can take a course or read a book and follow the instructions step-by-step, thus learning to sail, more power to you. If, however, you’re not, and if you hate taking on new projects because you’re afraid of failing, and if you really, really want to learn to sail, because you really, really want to sail to New Zeland via the South Pacific, and if you wind yourself up so tight in a ball you have constant headaches, gastro-intestinal problems and your mind whirls so fast, for so long that your circuits overload and you zone out by going into the Alpha State by watching hours on end of Netflix, what do you do (aside from going crazy)?

    You’ll have to find an answer that works for you. For myself, incorporating a modified Island Time mentality into my life has been the answer. This has made learning things (and bringing about changes in myself) much easier.

    Sticking with the sailing example, say today I feel ready to tackle the art of knot tying, I’ll tie knots. If I feel ready to walk the decks to get my bearings, I’ll walk the decks. If I feel ready to study navigation charts, I’ll study navigation charts. If I don’t feel up to learning anything new or practicing something, I won’t. Whatever I do, has to be done in a way that works for me. Ironically, by giving myself the freedom to be more relaxed in my approach to learning (and/or change) I accomplish more. This is both because I act when I “want” to (and since I enjoy that sense of control I’m inclined to act more often) and because I’m not expending TONS of energy fighting with myself to “toe the line.”

    Here’s where the Island Time mentality kicks in <drum roll please>…

    I’m not going to learn anything new yesterday. I may (on the outside chance) understand the concept of something today, but it still will take effort and practice to master. As for the time necessary, well according to Island Time if not today, there’s always Maná.

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