Just a Little More

    a.68 just a little morePracticing the art of Just a Little More can either get you where you want faster than you’d expect, or keep you were you don’t want longer than you’d like.

    Just a Little More sleep can have you refreshed with a second wind. Just a Little More sleep while repeatedly hitting the snooze button many, many times can jeopardize your job if you’re often late for work.

    Just a Little More when you’re doing physical therapy can lead to your muscles getting stronger, faster. When your Just a Little More has you sitting in front of the computer or television for hours without a break, day after day, that can lead to your muscles weakening and even skeletal issues.

    Just a Little More nourishment following a prolonged illness hastens recovery. When you eat Just a Little More after you’re already full you’ll have an upset stomach and, if done often enough, a weight problem.

    It’s easy to lose sight of the power of Just a Little More when you’re in the middle of what you’re doing. After all, Just a Little More seems insignificant and inconsequential.

    Rosa Parks was Just a Little More tired than usual that fateful day she was ordered to move to the back of the bus. Her quiet “No” was the catalyst of the American Civil Rights Movement.

    For better or for worse, Just a Little More is cumulative. Looking back you will realize it didn’t really take you as long as it seemed … either to get where you wanted to go, or where you’d rather not be.

    Compound interest is based on the principle of Just a Little More. When you owe on your credit card, compound interest is your enemy. When you’ve invested wisely, compound interest is your friend.

    Change doesn’t have to be the result of something large like a cataclysmic event. It simply needs to be a series of Just a Little Mores strung together over time.

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