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    The dictionary defines be as “to exist in actuality; have reality or life,” and gives as an example “I think, therefore I am.”

    By existing you simply are, which means you be. By thinking, you are doing, which means you’re not just “being.” A more accurate phrase (though incorrect grammatically) is, “I am, therefore I be.”

    Western society values tangible, end-result accomplishments. To a Westerner the “am”-ness of the “be” formula is unnerving.

    The Western philosophy of the on-switch is you work, strive, produce, do-do-do, and go-go-go. Even in leisure you are expected to push, strive, and compete as shown by the expressions “shop til you drop,” “play hard,” and “extreme sports.”

    It is said meditation is a tool to turn off the switch. Perhaps, or maybe it’s another “do” on your to-do list.

    If you’ve ever had major surgery, there is a very special moment — an instant really — right before you go under. Leading up to that moment is everything you did to prepare. You finished what you could at work. You put your affairs in order. You signed all the hospital papers. You tied up as many loose ends as you could. Anything left undone remains so. At that moment, there’s nothing more you can DO. At that very instant you simply are, therefore you be.

    That window of “being” is a negative-free state. Pain, fear, and sorrow are gone. In their place are: Lightness. Joy. Serenity. A sense of calm and peace which come with just being.

    Maybe the trick to getting to that place without risking surgery is allowing all your anger, hates, fears, frustrations, and worries to dissipate. Imagine yourself unclenching your fists, figuratively in your mind, heart, and soul, literally in your body. Watch as the “oughttas,” “gottas”, “shouldas,” and “need tos” dissolve and float away.

    When everything’s floated away and dissolved, what’s left? You are. And since you are, therefore you Be.

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