Knowing When You’re a Writer

    a.13b word-by-wordYou know you’re a writer when…
    …you regularly jot notes on napkins, phone messages, receipts, scraps of paper, paper bags, your arms and your legs.
    …all your dishes are clean.
    …all your laundry is washed, folded, and put away.
    …all your grout is white.
    …you receive a rejection notice,
    …and another
    …and another
    …and another.
    …when you hear voices in your head you grab a pen to take notes.
    …you get grumpy when you know you should be writing and you’re not.
    …you get grumpy when you write and it’s horrible.
    …you reach nirvana on a good writing day.

    You know you are a writer when, in spite of all your excuses, you keep writing.

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