Launching Your Writing Career

    c.69 dear meContributed by Nana Tush.

    A book of hundreds of pages begins with a single word. If tackling a book is more than you want to take on, begin with baby steps (some call them warmup exercises).

    Write a list.
    Write a bumper sticker.
    Pick a word from the dictionary and write about it for 5 minutes.
    Write a letter to a friend.
    Write a letter to yourself.
    Write a caption to a picture you like.

    Your subconscious believes anything you tell it, so make sure you refer to yourself as a writer. Your subconscious will offer encouragement, and soon you’ll believe yourself “a writer.” At that point you get to decide if your writing remains for your eyes only, is shared with a select few, or shared with many others.

    Whatever you wind up writing, have fun with it. Remember to notice the tactile sensations as well. The feel of the paper and the sound it makes — does it crinkle or rustle? The flow of the ink. The weight of your fingers on the keyboard. The silent or loud click-clack of the keyboard.

    Then again, it doesn’t really matter what utensil you use, so long as you are writing.

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