Little Things Aren’t Always So Little

    a.84 noticing the little thingsIt’s incredible how many little things you can choose to give thanks for, all before you walk out the door.

    You can give thanks for the wonderful occurrence of waking up.

    When you get out of your warm and toasty bed, you can choose to give thanks for the bed, the sheets, the pillows, the blankets and comforters.

    You can give thanks for toothpaste and mouthwash which rids you of morning breath.

    You can choose to give multiple thanks for the hot water of your shower, the water of your indoor plumbing, the fresh water you have to drink. You can give thanks for the food you have which you can either eat at home or grab on your way as you dash out the door.

    You can give thanks for being appropriately attired and shod for whatever your day holds.

    Thanks can be offered for knowing you have a motorized vehicle to transport you, have access to public transportation, a bike, a skateboard, a pair of rollerskaters, or a pair of working legs that will get you where you need to go.

    You can offer thanks for having a destination which gives you both purpose and direction. You can give thanks for knowing you have the freedom to get to your destination safely. You can choose to give thanks for having a job, acquiring an education, meeting a client to transact business, or meeting a friend.

    If you live with others, you can give thanks you have those to say good morning to. If you live alone, you can give thanks you the solitude and quiet to ease into the day.

    You can give thanks you have whom to love and those who love you.

    If applicable you can give thanks you have those whom you are to take care of, or that you haven’t the responsibility of others and can focus on yourself.

    If you are inclined to think this list silly, hear me out. Think about how many little things you have to be thankful for. Almost insignificant. Yet each in its own way makes your life more peasant, a little cleaner, a little easier. All this before you walk through the door to “face the day.”

    Noticing and being thankful for all those little, almost insignificant, things at the beginning of the day spills over into the rest of your day. You will find yourself noticing and appreciating little things you wouldn’t have normally seen, had you not primed the pump before leaving the house.

    The elevation of thankfulness puts you in a good space, and keeps you there. Even when it’s just a typical day, somehow noticing all the little things adds a glow and sparkle to the day making it so much more vibrant and pleasant.

    Best of all, you will probably have a really nice day.

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