National Cat Day

    d.92 cool cat

    Contributed by Nana Tush, in honor of National Cat Day, and in celebration of the cat sayings which are part of our daily conversations.

    On the home front Cool Cat was chillin’.

    Deciding he was through Pussyfooting around, Tom Cat left in search of the the Cat’s Pajamas.

    Meanwhile, down at the tavern, seeing what the Cat Dragged in when it suddenly started Raining Cats and Dogs, the Catcallers started caterwauling at a Cat’s Paw. The crowd, seeing Which Way the Cat Jumped, was soon placing bets on the Cat and Mouse games.

    It was like Herding Cats getting the room quiet, until the Cat-eyed, Cat’s Meow walked in and the Cat Got Everyone’s Tongue, even Old Sourpuss’s. Grinning like a Cheshire Cat when she saw the Pussycats, she sat in a Cat Bird seat and gladly let the Cat Out of the Bag.

    Pandemonium broke out when Curiosity Killed the Cat, but since it was Done in a Cat’s Paw, no one knew by whom. A Cat Has Nine Lives so he was soon back to telling tall tales, though he was shaking like a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

    Soon there was Not Enough Room to Swing a Cat, and it was decided there was no reason to Keep More Cats Then Will Catch Mice. Even though there’s More Then One Way to Skin a Cat, Bad Cat — Looking like the Cat Who Swallowed the Canary — started culling the ‘Fraidy Cats and Scardy Cats.

    Realizing When the Cat’s Away, the Mice will Play, Fat Cat — a Cat in Gloves who Caught No Mice — insisted on buying unlimited rounds for those who remained. By then there wasn’t a Cat’s Chance in Hell of sobriety. Soon everything said and done was Enough to Make a Cat Laugh. It should come as no surprise that in the end, they each became Sick as a Cat.

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