New Year’s Resolutions and New Beginnings

    c.89w 2013Rather than spend New Year’s Even in revelry and imbibing, some (often known as optimists) choose to spend New Year’s Eve in contemplation, generating lists to guide their thoughts, asking such questions as to what their biggest triumph, smartest decision, greatest lesson learned, or even most memorable moment were in the year now drawing to a close.

    Congratulations if you already do this. If, however, you are reluctant to look back because of what you might feel or see, perhaps there are baby steps you can take (if you are so inclined).

    Here are two questions to get you started.

    1. What one moment do you feel good about?

    2. What one moment — with hindsight — would you do differently?

    For the first, whether you choose to write it out or speak it, go into as much detail as possible. Engage your senses. Bring the moment to life again by describing its sights, sounds, tastes, feelings, and smells. Doing this will give you a gift. A feel good touchstone you can carry inside, bringing out every time you find you need a lift in the year to come. It is also a wonderful reminder of a personal success.

    For the second, take a deep breath, put your critical self to the side, and rewrite the script of what took place. You get to be the director of this updated little movie. This gives you the treat of learning from your experience, as well as flipping around a memory that otherwise you might want to bury (adding to any others you might have buried).

    While it behooves you not to live in the past, there is a well-known adage which states those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. This is your chance to avoid repetition.

    And, if you want an extra credit assignment, here are two questions about the new year.

    1. What is your sincerest hope for the upcoming year?

    2. What one thing would you like to make sure you accomplish?

    May 2013 be your best year ever.

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