Odd Hiding Places


    a.78c special placeMiss Pish kept her telephone in a floor-level cupboard.

    Nana Tush kept her television in the closet.

    Auntie Boobie kept her blow-dryer in the cookie jar.

    Admittedly those are unusual places to store those items. However, they made sense to the women at the time.

    Could you be storing an old hurt or sorrow in an odd or unusual spot in your psyche? Even if forgotten by you, those little hurts have a habit of festering over time, coming out in unusual ways.

    There is a school of thought which believes where you store old beliefs, sorrows, hurts, and pains can manifest in your body by way of illness or ailment.

    Perhaps now is a good time for a bit of internal housecleaning to excise them.

    In those creases and crevices of your psyche there could also be some pleasant memories which would flourish given a bit of light and air, thus bringing you happiness and pleasure.

    Today is a good day to bring those objects d’pleasure into the open.

    After all, just because it made sense to put a thing (thought or experience) in a certain spot at one time, it doesn’t have to remain there indefinitely.

    Miss Pish has neither broken a phone nor tripped over a phone wire since she traded her land-line for a cell.

    Nana Tush decided she didn’t want a television, even in her closet. On the rare occasions she watches a movie, she uses her computer. An added perk to having extra room in her closet is her shoe collection has expanded.

    Auntie Boobie would still keep her blow-dryer in the cookie jar, but it broke when she moved. She doesn’t have the counter space for another cookie jar, so she spins her lettuce dry in a pillow case. Since she’s sporting a buzz cut, she gave her blow-dryer to Miss Pish.

    Miss Pish happily chats on her cell while drying her hair.

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