Pressure Cooker Wisdom

    c.62 pressure cooker

    Who’da thunk a pressure cooker would have what to teach, let alone four lessons worth learning?

    *Leave room for expansion.
    Rather than filling up your spaces to overflowing (physical, mental, spiritual, and/or time), always leave room for expansion. That way you will have the room so you can be open to possibilities and opportunities that you might not have encountered or thought if your life was filled to the brim.

    *Pressure speeds up processes.
    It’s easy to think you have all the “time in the world” when something doesn’t have an expiration date. It’s easy to dilly-dally and take that “it” for granted. However, as the expiration date approaches (deadline, end of life, child leaving home, cross-country move), pressure mounts and you have to move fast, if not faster to get . If you’ve planned for that eventuality you should be okay. If you haven’t, there’s a good chance a lot will go wrong.

    *Reduced energy maintains momentum.
    Anything worth doing (or not) takes energy and effort to get up an running. Once you’ve got whatever it is set up and moving, it requires a lot less energy to keep it moving.

    And finally, the most important lesson of all.

    *You gotta release steam.
    Releasing steam is more than a safety valve to keep you from exploding. After taking your focus away from whatever’s “cooking” at the time, when you return your task, it will be with renewed energy and oftentimes fresh insight.

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