a.87.w daydreamingDo you strike preemptively by acknowledging your shortcomings before others notice, while hoping that somehow, maybe, just maybe, someone who truly cares will see through the bilge to the real you and set you free?

    When you view yourself as damaged goods, you comport yourself accordingly. When you view yourself as priceless, you comport yourself accordingly. Others respond to either rendition. Until you decide you are worthy (have worth), and are therefore deserving of life’s abundance and bounty, it ain’t gonna happen.

    As the ultimate heroine in the story of your life, it is for you to choose which version you’ll claim.

    Claim the view of yourself as damaged goods and you will reject any good things, little happies, or abundance that comes your way because second best doesn’t deserve it. And you believe you are second best. So you tie yourself up in knots, back yourself in the corner and take perverse pleasure in wallowing in your damaged goods-ness. After all, it takes less effort to settle for failure (as in failure in a belief in yourself and worth) than claim your success (as in your belief you are priceless.)

    Claim the view of yourself as priceless and you will accept as your due, all the good things, little happies, and abundance that come your way. As one who holds herself as priceless, you not only know you are worthy of respect, you command respect, and it is given. Not necessarily because of words you utter, but because of the spark that comes from deep inside you.

    As a woman of value, you are a woman who claims more than her power, you claim your true worth, which is priceless.

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